EzFill is an “on-demand” fuel delivery service that will come and fill up your vehicle with gas while at home, work or play. We make it simple, safe and convenient while saving you time and money. You will never have to stop for gas again!

EzFill “on-demand” app can be downloaded free from the App Store or the Google Play store by searching for “EzFill”.

EzFill is always available at your convenience. As long as we have permission to fill you up where your vehicle is located excluding weather or traffic conditions we will be there. The EzFill gas app allows you to choose from various timeframes that best fits your schedule including overnight.

In the EzFill app, we use your smartphone’s current GPS coordinates and ask you to confirm the location. If you are parked in a garage, we ask that you provide the garage floor level and parking spot number if applicable.

Upon requesting an EzFill we ask that you ensure you leave the gas door open slightly and accessible. We remind you to open the gas door when our driver is in transit. If locked when our driver arrives to your vehicle’s location, we will send a message notifying you that our driver could not access your tank and could not fill you up. A small delivery fee will be charged.

Our objective is to always charge a lower price per gallon for Regular and Premium gas than the local gas station price(s) along with a small delivery fee. A monthly or annual membership provides unlimited no fee fill ups for the month or year.

EzFill uses Stripe, the on-line payment vendor with clients such as Facebook, Fitbit, Shopify, Adidas and Lyft handling billions in e-commerce annually. EzFill does not store your credit card data. Stripe is encrypted and securely stores your credit card information, validates and processes your payment.

Once the driver fills up your vehicle we email a receipt which includes the amount of gallons, the price per gallon, and the total dollar amount processed on your credit card.

We take gas quality seriously. We source our gas for the same suppliers the biggest names in the industry use. We can’t name names but here are a few hints Ex…Mo… Not using brand names on our tanks saves you money. You can read more about the benefits of buying your gas from us in this post or read more about how quality fuel will help your gas mileage.

There are thousands of people in the greater Miami Area using EzFill for their gas delivery service. We don’t share our customer’s names but you will see our trucks regularly delivering in some of the following areas: Porsche Design Tower, St. Regis Residence, Williams Island, and many other recognizable locations across Miami and Aventura. 

: EzFill utilizes the Dept. of Agriculture/Weights and Measures government certified meter for fuel accuracy.

You can cancel your request through the app and you will not be charged. However, once the driver arrives you will be charged a delivery fee.

You can either email us at Support@ezfillapp.com or call/text us at 305-791-1169.
What does EzFill do to ensure safety?

EzFill utilizes DOT approved tanks and certified equipment, experienced commercial drivers that have HAZMAT endorsements and our drivers are trained by Fire department personnel in public safety.

Yes. EzFill will deliver to your home or office. To receive a gas delivery for your car at your office simply use the app to request a delivery.

Yes, as long as the valet service is made aware we will be delivering gas for your car and provides access to the car we are happy to fill your tank.

EzFill is currently delivering gas to a number of areas in South Florida.  Download and open the App (available from the App Store or Google Play store by searching for “EzFill”) to see if we are currently delivering to your neighborhood.

If we are not currently delivering to your area we won’t be able to fill you tank at this time. You can let us know of your interest and we will notify you once we are delivering to your area.

Yes. We have a monthly membership program for our customers who use us to fill up their car gas tanks on a regular basis. Contact us for more information or to sign up.

We currently deliver unlead gas and offer both regular unleaded 87 and premium unleaded 93 options.

At this time we do not deliver diesel gasoline. We offer delivery for both regular unleaded 87 and premium unleaded 93 options.

We are happy to deliver gas to your boat or watercraft as long as there is car access near the dock. Before scheduling a delivery please make sure your boat takes either regular unleaded 87 or premium unleaded 93 gas.

At this time we do not offer gas specifically designed for marine vessels. If you are interested in a marine fuel delivery service please contact us and we will notify you if we begin offering a relevant service.

Our gas prices change daily. You can find our local current gas prices on the home screen of the app. Our goal is to be lower than the average gas station in our service areas.

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