October 27, 2017 Barry Lenson

The Many Benefits of Buying the Best Gasoline for Your Car

The Many Benefits of Buying the Best Gasoline for Your Car

Why not buy cheap gas? If you do, you could save a buck every time you fill your tank.

Like many drivers, you might think, “What harm am I doing? I’m just burning the stuff anyway, and I don’t notice any difference in the way my car runs.”

But the fact is, spending a few cents more for better gas will save you money in the long run – and possibly in the short run too.

Your Catalytic Converter Could Last Longer

Your catalytic converter processes the “raw” exhaust that exits your engine and removes unburned hydrocarbons and particulates before they exit your tailpipe. The more “dirty stuff” your catalytic converter has to process, the more deposits it collects. The result? If you burn cheap gas that contains contaminants and octane-boosting additives, your catalytic converter is going to get dirtier and have a shorter life.

It typically costs between $500 and $1,100 to replace a catalytic converter. So spending a few additional cents on every gallon of gas you buy is worth it.

Your Engine Will Build Up Fewer Deposits

AAA conducted a study last year in which they drove cars and then tore apart their engines to check for deposits. The study found that low-quality gasolines that did not contain detergent caused 19 times more harmful deposits than detergent-enhanced Top-Tier gasolines did. And those deposits had built up after only 4,000 miles of driving.

Deposits on valves and other parts shortened engine life. So again, spending a little more for better gas is a wise investment.

You Will Get Better Gas Mileage

After only a few thousand miles of driving on cheap gas, your fuel injection system could start to collect flow-inhibiting deposits – or even start to clog. That reduces gas mileage and – possibly worse – can lead to costly repairs.

But here’s some good news. If you start to burn high-quality gasoline with detergent additives, it is possible to reduce those deposits, even if you have burned cheap gasoline in the past.

Your Engine Will Run Smoother

If you’ve ever owned a car with an engine that knocked, you already know that in most cases, the problem can be fixed easily by increasing the octane of the gas you used. It works like magic. Then there’s the fact that even if they don’t knock, engines idle more smoothly if you feed them better gas.

If your engine idles and runs rough, all that vibration isn’t helping to extend the life of the engine and other components that include hoses and clamps, engine mounts, and even transmissions. It’s another reason why better gas is a better investment.

Let EzFill Keep Your Car Humming with the Best Gas

If you don’t know how or where to find the best gasoline for your car, here’s an easy solution. Just install the EzFill gas app on your phone, set up an account, and let us bring the best gas to you.

Easy? Yes. Both your car and your wallet will thank you.

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