17 Feb 2017


Love this service!! I literally placed my order, went to sleep and woke up to a full tank gas in the am!!! Not having to take time out my busy day to stop, get out of my car and pump gas myself! It's a win-win!!

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17 Feb 2017


Thank you EzFill! I ran out of gas and had a meeting and now I have to run to the airport. I noticed that my car was near empty. I came out of the meeting and it's full. You guys are amazing!!!! Thank you!!

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15 Feb 2017


Best service! It is like having a gas fairy! Go to sleep with my car on empty and wake up with it full! Thanks!!!

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14 Feb 2017


Five stars! The truck came a few minutes after I put in the order! He was very gentle and careful with my car ( I watched him from my window) Thank you for an amazing service!

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