September 25, 2017 Barry Lenson

Six Ways to Keep Your Car Ready for Emergencies

Six Ways to Keep Your Car Ready for Emergencies

The long lines of cars crawling north on Florida highways as hurricane Irma approached were frightening, to say the least. They reminded us that when if emergencies strike, your family’s car is your safety net.

But are you ready? Your car’s ability to protect you and your family is only as good as how well you maintain and equip it. Here are steps and routines to follow . . .

  • Don’t skimp on routine car maintenance. A well-maintained car is a reliable car. And remember, good maintenance means more than just changing your oil. It also means checking your tires (including your spare), washer fluid and coolant levels, engine belts, and brake pads. Remember that even something as innocuous as an under-inflated spare tire can strand you by a roadside if an emergency happens. Don’t let it happen to you.
  • Equip your car with a roadside emergency kit. It should include flares, blankets, a can of pressurized tire-inflating fluid and a functioning flashlight/beacon. At least once a year, check the kit you carry and replace it if necessary.
  • Carry a new and fully stocked first aid kit too. The major pharmacy chains, as well as stores like Walmart and Target, sell them for low prices – you can get one for as little as $15.00 that is stocked with bandages, antiseptic wipes, gauze pads, and first-aid tape. Get in the habit of buying a new kit every year for each of your cars and tossing your old ones.
  • Carry extra cell phone chargers for all your family’s phones in your car at all times. If your family members have to leave your home quickly in an emergency and leave their chargers behind, your ability to call for help from the road will be hindered. Chargers cost about $10.00 apiece, a small price to pay for your family’s safety.
  • Keep current with a roadside assistance plan. Granted, AAA and other services would have had a hard time reaching you on a clogged highway during the traffic crunch that happened on highways in Florida this hurricane season. But when less unusual emergencies strike – like getting a flat tire in a secluded area – they can be life-savers.
  • Use EzFill to keep your gas tank topped up. The difference between a half-empty and a full gas tank can determine whether you can drive 300+ miles before stopping for gas, or whether you need to stop to look for gas after only 40 or 50. Now, EzFill makes it easy and convenient to keep your gas tank full and ready to take you and your family as far as possible.

How Do You Get Started?

Don’t expose your family to the danger that a half-empty gas tank can pose. Download the EzFill app now to schedule your gas refills. You’ll sleep sounder with EzFill on the job.

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