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Six Amazing Facts about Gasoline

6 Amazing Facts about Gasoline

If you think you know everything about gasoline, think again. Here are six facts about gasoline you might have overlooked.

Amazing Fact #1: People Used to Discard “Useless” Gasoline

Until the late 19th century, gasoline was regarded as a worthless byproduct of petroleum refining – stuff that was tossed after refineries processed crude oil to make kerosene, which was in demand for home lighting. That started to change in 1885 when Karl Benz made his first experimental car with an internal combustion engine that burned – you guessed it – gasoline.

Then the demand for gas ramped up fast. In 1899, only about 2,500 cars were manufactured in America. By 1913, that number had jumped to 485,000, mostly due to the introduction of the Ford Model T in 1908. And the need for gasoline soared.

Amazing Fact #2: Two Men Figured Out How to Profitably Refine Gasoline from Crude Oil

Who could supply enough gasoline to power all those cars? The problem was that in year 1900, gasoline represented only about 10% of the chemicals that were produced when petroleum was refined to make kerosene. Then William Burton and Robert Humphreys, two chemical engineers who worked for Standard Oil of Indiana, solved the problem by heating crude oil during the distillation process. That 10% figure soared to 40% and Standard Oil (which operated gas stations under the name Esso for decades) opened gas stations from coast to coast and cashed in bigtime.

Amazing Fact #3: There Were More Gas Stations in America in the 1920s then There Are Today

According to the Association for Convenience & Fuel Retailing, there were 300,000 fueling stations in America in the 1920s, vs. about 152,000 today.

How can you explain that? It’s because 100 years ago, small fuel pumps were found in front of groceries in small towns across America. When you drove your Model T to your grocery to buy some canned peas, you could fill up your car too. But before long, stand-alone gas stations were springing up and the age of grocery-store gas was beginning to fade.

Amazing Fact #4: The First Gas Station in America Opened in 1913

The first real gas station with attended drive-up pumps began operations in December 1913, in Pittsburgh. And it looked a lot like the gas stations we see everywhere today. According to The National Association for Convenience & Fuel Retailing, it was a Gulf station that sold gas for 27 cents a gallon.

Amazing Fact #5: Most of the Petroleum America Imports Does Not Come from Arabic Countries

If you think that the gas you are burning comes mostly from Arab countries, think again. According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration . . .

  • 38% of the petroleum imported to the U.S. comes from Canada
  • 18% comes from Persian Gulf countries
  • 11% comes from Saudi Arabia
  • 8% comes from Venezuela
  • 7% comes from Mexico
  • 5% comes from Colombia

Amazing Fact #6: Gas Stations Are Not the Only Place You Can Buy Gasoline

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