October 30, 2017 Barry Lenson

Seven Costly Mistakes that Will Damage Your Car

Costly Mistakes that Will Damage Your Car

Your windshield gets chipped by a flying stone. A tire picks up a nail and goes flat. You can’t do much to prevent problems like those. They just happen.

But there are other problems you can prevent. Let’s learn more.

Driving on a Flat or Partially Deflated Tire

If your “low tire pressure” warning light comes on or you notice that one of your tires is low on air, resist the temptation to drive your car, even for a few miles. If your tire has picked up a nail or been damaged in some other way it could go flat, leaving you stranded by the road.

And if you have a truly flat tire, resist the temptation to try to drive to the nearest service station. You could damage your rim, which could cost hundreds of dollars to replace. So as soon as you see a low or flat tire on your vehicle, stop driving and call for service.

Ignoring a “Check Engine” Light

Most people call their dealers or mechanics as soon as they see a “check engine” light appear. But there are other people who decide that the light is only telling them that it is time for an oil change or routine maintenance and keep driving.

Don’t do that. Although a check engine light is probably only alerting you to a small problem, call and make a service appointment at once. If the light is warning you of something serious, waiting could lead to a costlier repair or leave you stranded.

Delaying Routine Maintenance

Some owners of older cars do it. Some owners of new cars do it too. But no matter how long you have owned your car, get into the habit of following the manufacturer’s suggested schedule for oil changes and other recommended service. Doing so costs money today, but avoids spending larger sums of money for repairs further down the road. Make routine maintenance part of your routine.

Ignoring Electrical Problems

A lot of people ignore electrical problems on their cars (dim dashboard lights, dead rear brake lights, “ABS” warning lights that won’t go off) because electrical problems are difficult to diagnose. If you have fallen into that behavior, it is time to mend your ways because uncorrected small electrical problems often lead to big ones in the future.

And another thing. Even though that convenient little mom-and-pop service station down the block has a machine that can diagnose the cause of your electrical problem, consider going to a new car dealership instead. Dealers have the latest equipment and service manuals and are more likely to diagnose and fix electrical problems on the first try.

Using Any Old Parts to Repair Your Vehicle

As a car ages, it gets more tempting to save money by replacing starter motors, alternators and other parts with units that have been rebuilt by companies somewhere . . . who knows where? Granted, you might get lucky and get rebuilt components that work flawlessly. But consider buying only original manufacturer’s parts. They usually carry warranties that will replace them if they fail, which saves you money. And using the right original parts could prevent damage to other mechanical components and systems. The message is, installing non-original components can cost you more money in the long run.

Continuing to Drive a Car that is Overheating

Today’s well-engineered cars rarely overheat. But if your car does, chances are that something serious is wrong under the hood, so turn off the engine and call for roadside assistance. You could have a leak in your radiator or in a radiator hose and if you continue to drive, you could cause irreparable damage to your engine.

Using Cheap Off-Brand Gas in Your Car

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