September 13, 2017 Barry Lenson

Pumping Your Own Gas Can Be Dangerous

Pumping Your Own Gas Can Be Dangerous . . . Use Our Professionals Instead

The area around gas pumps is dangerous . . . very dangerous! Even a little static electricity can ignite gas fumes that can destroy your car or lead to serious injury. And so can using a cell phone while you are pumping gas.

If you think it can’t happen, think again. For the sake of your safety, please watch the following videos.

Video One: Static electricity from a young woman’s sweater ignites gas fumes at the pump

Video Two: A cell phone ignites gas fumes at the pump

Video Three: A cell phone ignites gas fumes at the pump

How Can You Protect Yourself and Your Family?

  • The first step is to remember that all it takes is a small spark to ignite fumes, which can start a fire that destroys your car or causes grave injury. Inform everyone in your family that they should never talk on their phones when they are located anywhere near gas pumps or even on a gas station’s premises. They should not even use cellphones inside your car while gas is being pumped.
  • The second step is to never to pump gas again . . . or it that is not possible, to use gas stations as rarely as possible. Have EzFill take care of keeping your cars fully fueled instead. EzFill uses only DOT-approved tanks and equipment, and our drivers are all fire-department trained to deliver gas safely. For example, they know that they must ground vehicles before they begin to pump gas; that prevents sparks. That’s the kind of extra safety you and your car deserve.

Leave Dangerous Work to the Pros

If you found a downed electrical wire lying in the street after a storm, you wouldn’t pick it up, would you? If you got appendicitis, you wouldn’t attempt to operate on yourself, would you? Of course not. Then why are you still pumping your own gas? As the videos that we show in today’s post prove, pumping gas is a lot more hazardous than most people realize. Leave the dangerous work to the pros.

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