21 Oct 2017

Must Have Apps For All Drivers

Do You Drive? Then You Need to Install these Apps on your Smartphone When cellular phones first hit the market, who could have imagined they would become the greatest tool ever invented for motorists? And to unlock your phone’s full potential as a driver’s tool, you only need to install…

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18 Oct 2017

Easy Ways to Improve Your Gas Mileage

7 Tips and Tricks to Improve Your Gas Mileage If you search online for ways to improve the gas mileage that you’re getting when you drive, you will find some pretty impractical ideas. One piece of advice says that you should remove your outside mirrors to reduce drag. Another recommends…

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04 Oct 2017

Car Convenience For All Your Employees

EzFill Brings Electric Car Convenience to All Your Employees If your company employs people who drive electric cars to work, chances are you have installed a few charging stations for their convenience. They pull in, hook up their cars - and appreciate the consideration and cost savings. But now that…

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