September 5, 2017 Josef Katz

EzFill Expands On-Demand Gas Delivery Services to Office Parks

EzFill Expands On-Demand Gas Delivery Services to Office Parks; launched with the Landing at Miami and the Waterford at Blue Lagoon.

Employees can have their cars fueled up without leaving the offices or stopping on the way to or from the office. EzFill brings a new level of convenience to homes and office parks.

Miami, FL – September 5, 2017 –  EzFill (, a fuel delivery app that fuels customers’ vehicles and eliminates the need to fill up at gas stations, announced today the expansion of their service at both the Waterford in the Blue Lagoon office park and the Landing at Miami. Based out of Miami Beach, the company is quickly expanding its services to additional areas throughout the South Florida area including Williams Island and many prestigious residences, such as the Porsche Design Tower in Sunny Isles.

The EzFill app allows customers to enter their specific car details and request a fill up at a specified time after which an EzFill technician is dispatched to their vehicle. Utilizing GPS navigation technology, drivers can identify the vehicle’s location. Users are notified when the driver arrives and receives an emailed receipt confirming all the pricing details. EzFill’s service is on-demand, allowing people to request their fill ups at their convenience, day or night.

EzFill displays their price per gallon along with the local average gas price on the app home screen for transparency. The app offers gas prices that are competitive and typically less than those at local gas stations.

“Our clients are looking for convenience and time savings,” said Jonathan Gross, EzFill, CEO and Co-Founder,. “Customers get quality fuel at competitive prices when they want, allowing them quality time in their daily life and they never need to go to the gas station again. Our Customer service is by far one of the best in the on demand services industry.”

The EzFill app is available for download at the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.

About EzFill

EzFill is a South Florida based on-demand mobile gas delivery service that eliminates the need to go to the gas station. This convenient service combines the latest advancements in technology, safety, and security to bring the gas station to you. Simply tap a button on the EzFill App and a DOT-certified truck is routed to your vehicle to fill up your tank. EzFill makes it easy for you to fill up your vehicle at a price per gallon that is competitive and most times lower than the price at the pump. Fill up your vehicle day or night at your home or office. EzFill has all the necessary and appropriate permits, certifications and liability insurances required to transport and dispense fuel. EzFill is simple to use and saves you time and money. To learn more or to download the app visit


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