December 5, 2017 Barry Lenson

Keep Your Fleet Topped Up and Ready to Roll

Let EzFill Keep Your Fleet Topped Up and Ready to Roll

Does your company field a fleet of trucks or cars? If you do, why not contact EzFill today and start having them refilled by our own fleet of state-of-the-art gas delivery trucks.

Contacting EzFill today could make it much easier to manage the fueling needs of your fleet – and save money too.

EzFill Eliminates all the Confusion and Craziness of Keeping Your Gas Tanks Full

If you’re a fleet manager, you know how complicated it is to keep your vehicles fueled up and ready to roll. Not to mention all the paperwork.

If you allow your drivers to fuel up your vehicles and provide you with receipts, that creates a pile of receipts that you have to deal with. You nearly need a part-time employee to deal with them all. Granted, you’ve tried to streamline the process by letting your employees pay for gas with a company-issued credit card. You might even have contracted with a nearby gas station and instructed your employees to top up their tanks there.

Good ideas. Yet using EzFill is even simpler, for some very clear reasons like these . . .

  • You know that all your vehicles will be fully fueled and ready to roll at all times. Some of the vehicles out on your lot will not be half full, one-quarter full or running on empty.
  • You get simplified statements that let you make just one payment for gas. Your accountants will thank you, and the one-step paperwork will make your job dramatically easier.
  • You protect yourself from bill padding by dishonest employees. Okay, we know that your fleet drivers are great people, honest as can be. But are you 100% certain that one or two of them aren’t engaged in a little fraud at gas stations? (One of those situations in which a gas station owner pads a bill and splits the fraudulent extra charge with your driver?) No, that’s not happening. But to be absolutely certain, you should start having EzFill be your gas company.
  • You help ensure the safety and wellbeing of your employees. Gas stations are dangerous places where accidents – and crimes – happen. When you let EzFill handle your refueling in your company lot, your employees never need to visit a gas station again.
  • You protect your vehicles by using only the best gas. Do you really know what kind of gasoline you are getting from gas stations? Is it clean and free of sludge and gunk? If you are not sure, you could be shortening the life of the engines. Simple solution? Let EzFill refuel your fleet with top-quality gas that comes from mobile tanks, not from underground. Also, our technicians fully ground vehicles before pumping gas, so the risk of fire is reduced to an industry-leading minimum.

Are You Convinced? Then Contact EzFill and Set Up Your Fleet Fueling Plan

One call gets rid of the risk and complication. Why not contact EzFill today?

Download the app now!

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