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How Does EzFill Open Your Car’s Fuel Filler Door?

How Does EzFill Get Your Car’s Fuel Filler Door Open?

There’s a simple answer to that question. When you order (or are expecting) a delivery of fuel from EzFill, you simply leave your fuel filler door open a tiny bit. After your EzFill technician has filled your car with gas, he or she safely closes your filler door again.

You might be wondering why we are writing about fuel filler doors today. After all, there must be more important topics, right?

Well maybe. But it might surprise you to learn that fuel filler doors can be a big problem, especially for motorists who rent cars. At least, a fuel filler door was a problem for me. Consider this story, which happened to me just last week . . .

I rented a Nissan Pathfinder while I was in Denver for a few days. When it was time for a fill-up, I pulled into a gas station and – guess what? – I couldn’t figure out how to get the Nissan’s fuel filler door open. I got down on my knees and looked at all the levers and buttons under the left side of the dashboard and found nothing. I finally (and I am not making this up) took out my phone and Googled, “how to open fuel filler door on a Nissan Pathfinder.” I found an article that told me that to open the fuel filler door, I only needed to press on the door and it would pop open. I did that, it worked, and I got the door open and was on my way.

Why was I looking under the dash for a button that would unlock the door? It was because every car I have ever owned has had a fuel filler door that opened that way. So being a creature of routine, I assumed that I could unlock the Nissan’s door in the same way.

But Wait, It Gets More Complicated . . .

In the week since my adventure with the Pathfinder’s gas filler door, I have made an informal study of how fuel filler doors open. I have discovered that there are dozens of YouTube videos that show people how to open the fuel filler doors on different kinds of cars. There are dozens of articles about how to open fuel filler doors on BMWs, Volvos, Hondas, you name it. Apparently lots of people out there are arriving at gas pumps and cannot figure out how to access their gas tanks.

In my informal study, I have learned that there are three basic ways to open fuel filler doors . . .

  • System one: Pry it open. You just pry the door open with your finger. This approach seems to have been popular several decades ago, but seems to have fallen out of favor because it was too simple. If you can see that there is a small bump on the edge of the filler door (creating an opening for you to insert your finger), you’re driving a car that uses this primitive technology.
  • System two: Look for a release lever inside your car. This seems to be the most popular system today. The problem is that the lever or button that unlocks the filler door can be located under the dashboard, on the floor of the car by the seat, or even on the door of the vehicle. If you cannot find it easily, it’s time for you to consult the owner’s manual or look for solutions online. That can be embarrassing if there are 25 cars behind you waiting to use your pump.
  • System three: You press on the filler door and it pops open. Again, this is the system that my rented Nissan used. It sounds like simplicity itself, right? But my study has shown that Volvo, BMW and other car makers have found a way to complicate it up, because you can only open your filler door in this way if your car is unlocked. I cannot determine if that was the case for the Nissan I rented, but it might have been.

And How Do You Get the Filler Door Closed?

You probably think that is a stupid question. But some of the videos on YouTube show people having a very hard time closing the fuel filler doors on their vehicles. One shows a guy who keeps pushing the door closed . . . and then it keeps popping open about a second later. Car manufacturers are obviously trying to drive people insane.

But You Can Forget It if You Use EzFill

Just install and use the EzFill gas app. Because EzFill technicians are trained professionals, they have seen every kind of filler door – and gas cap – that is in use today. If they arrive at your car and you have forgotten to leave it a tiny bit open, they will text you so you can come open the door.

EzFill technicians even know how to close your fuel filler door. So when you come back to your car, the fuel door will be closed, your tank will be filled, and you will be ready to roll. Now’s the time to install and use the EzFill gas app!

Download the app now!

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