September 11, 2017 Barry Lenson

Give Your Car White Glove Treatment?

Give Your Car White Glove Treatment? Be Sure to Buy the Best Gas from the Best Source

If your car means more to you than basic transportation, you give it that extra level of care.

To keep it clean and shiny, you take it to a reputable detailing shop to be cleaned by experts who use the best cleaning products. Sure, you could take it to just any car wash, but you don’t because it’s your “baby.” (Did you know that most car washes used the same water over and over again? It’s collected in a tank and recycled. That’s good for the environment, maybe not so great for your car’s finish.)

When it’s time for an oil change or maintenance, you take it back to the dealer where you bought it, or to a reputable garage that does high-quality work. And you make sure that your oil gets replaced with the same synthetic lubricant that was in your car when it came from the factory, or with a premium brand of oil. You could take it to any drive-through quick-lube place and let the guy down in the pit use any old brand of oil. But why would you do that?

When you need new tires, you make sure that you are installing tires that meet the manufacturer’s specifications . . . or better. And you make sure that they are inflated to the correct pressure. You could drive to a discount tire store and buy whatever tires are on sale that week. But again, why would you do that?

So Why Are You Buying Any Old Gas?

You already know that there is high-quality gas . . . and low-quality gas. But are you sure which kind you are putting into your car?

What could be wrong with the gas that comes from the pump at your local gas station? Plenty.

  • It could be low-quality gas. You want to be sure that you buy premium gas that was processed in a top refinery by a major brand . . . not any old gas that comes from an unknown source. Did you know that off-brand gas can leave behind deposits of gunk and varnish that shorten your engine’s life and limit its performance? Your defense is to buy only top-quality gas. That is the only kind that EzFill will ever put in your car. That is our promise to you.
  • It could be low-octane gas that has been juiced up with additives. Did you know that off-price gas stations often buy low-octane gas, pour in additives and sell it as premium high-test? That too can cause accumulations of varnish and goo in your engine. The premium grades of gasoline we deliver at EzFill are true high-test fuels that come from top refineries. You shouldn’t settle for anything else.
  • It could be dirty gas. This is a problem that could affect your car, even if you buy only top-tier gasoline from top-brand gas stations. How does high-quality gas get dirty? There are many ways. Dirty, unserviced underground tanks are one cause. And if you fill up your car after a gas delivery has just been made to a station, gunk that got stirred up in an underground tank could get pumped straight into your tank. The solution? The gas you buy from EzFill is brought to your car in trucks in clean, serviced, on-vehicle tanks. You’re not buying gas from underground tanks that you cannot see.

To sum it all up . . .

It really doesn’t matter whether your car is a Cadillac, Chevy, BMW, Jaguar, Mercedes or a Yugo. No matter what car you drive, you respect it and want to keep it running strong.

EzFill is your key to getting top-grade gas – fresh, clean and free of dirt and additives. It’s what you and your car deserve.


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