October 4, 2017 Barry Lenson

Car Convenience For All Your Employees

EzFill Brings Electric Car Convenience to All Your Employees

If your company employs people who drive electric cars to work, chances are you have installed a few charging stations for their convenience. They pull in, hook up their cars – and appreciate the consideration and cost savings.

But now that charging hookups are becoming common in company parking lots, here’s a question you might want to ask . . .

What have you done lately for your employees who drive gas-fueled cars or gas/electric hybrids?

Have you overlooked them while you have been trying hard to serve drivers of electric cars? If you would like to accord owners of gas-fueled cars the same level of convenience, consider having EzFill visit your lot to fuel up their cars while they are at work.

Here are some reasons why it could be a great benefit to offer . . .

  • Employees who drive gas cars will not feel like “second-class citizens” because they have not gone electric. Why shouldn’t they receive the same kind of extra service?
  • You will be introducing a meaningful benefit that sets you apart from other companies. When you’re recruiting new employees, the fact that you refuel employees’ cars can help make you an “employer of choice.”
  • Your employees will save time and be safer because they do not need to stop by gas stations to refuel their cars. (Did you know that gas stations are becoming one of the most common places for thefts and other crimes to occur?)
  • During the current hurricane season and the gas shortages it has caused, you will be making sure that your employees will have safe commutes. And don’t forget, the “harsh” winter months are on their way!

Contact EzFill today to learn more . . .

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